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How Digital Media Has Been A Boon For Students Worldwide



The importance of digital media is seen now more than ever. With everyone locked in their homes and turning to the only thing that they have to access the world – digital media. Be it students, teachers, working professionals, or people working from home, everyone is stuck in front of a laptop, trying to make the best of this situation.

At times, it can be frustrating and extremely exhausting if people have to sit in front of a screen all day and keep on working. As students, this pressure is even more since they are constantly trying to navigate assignments, classes, and extra-curricular through online media.

How Digital Media Has Been A Boon For Students Worldwide

To make this process easier, we have come up with a list of some common digital media tools that are being used widely by a lot of students to make their academics easier online. Some of these can be useful even after everyone has resumed normal life.

1. Online Meetings

The current COVID-19 situation has made this one feature extremely indispensable for most people trying to work in groups. Online meetings on various popular platforms are used for presentations, discussions, client pitches, and everything else.

Some journalists have started conducting interviews using online meetings and have found a way to work through this crisis just by sitting home. There are various platforms that let more than 100 people attend the same meeting at the same time for free. Such tools are very useful in today’s situation to conduct lectures of a large class. Even though these models are free, there are some subscription-based features offered by these applications that help people make use of advanced settings.

2. Research Materials

When it comes to conducting research on a particular topic, long gone are the days of going to a library or filing reports in order to get information. All you have to do is log on to the net and look for reliable sources of information.

Earlier, it was difficult to look for previously conducted research on a topic that you are planning to pursue. But now, with the development of journals that publish research papers across all topics, it has become easier to access research documents. You can find every study, every survey, and every research conducted on your topic at the tip of your fingers. What’s more, a lot of news sources have now taken on the world of digital media, and you can find any report published by them through their verified sources.

3. Webinars

A lot of people have started sharing their experience in their field by conducting webinars in collaboration with other organizations. These organizations help conduct webinars that are attended by a considerable amount of people and help share more information on a certain topic.

For example, if you are someone working in the field of video marketing, you might be invited by an ad agency to talk to their employees and interns about your experience. Similarly, you could also be invited by educational institutions to talk about your on-field experience and help students find their way through their own careers.

4. Real-Time File Sharing

With a series of websites by Google like Documents, Sheets, etc., people can now share files and edit them together in real-time. With their features where people can share a document with others and give them editing options, you can work with your classmate on a particular assignment together.

The hassle of coordinating to sit and do individual pieces together and then compile them in a single document no longer exist. You can simply send a link to the document you have created to your classmate and work on it simultaneously. This even saves time when one is trying to review the final draft and suggest edits.

5. Supplementary Applications

With more and more students shifting most of their work online, a lot of websites have come up that can help students with their daily work. Right from websites that help you check plagiarism, correct any grammatical mistakes in your documents or ones that make transcribing interviews easier, it’s all there.

There are also many promo video maker online free without watermark websites available that help you make presentations better. Google Scholar is also a great website for students to use. Apart from this, there are websites like YouTube that help you conduct research well if you take information from reliable sources. You can also use PDF makers online that help you circulate notes faster.

6. Connecting With Experts Around The Globe

Using applications like LinkedIn and creating your account there, you can get connected to any person in the world who also has an account on the platform. You can also use these to connect with your institution’s alumni network so that they can help you through your career decisions.

Connecting with related people in the field can help you look for jobs too. It can help you know what you need to achieve in terms of qualifications if you want to enter a certain field. This method is very helpful compared to earlier times when people didn’t know what to expect until they actually entered the field they wanted to pursue. This avoids any unnecessary risks and unexpected surprises in the future.

7. Job Portals

After graduating, using job portals to access job postings becomes very convenient, and most students get jobs using these. You can select a field, employer, expected pay, and location on these websites and actually look for a posting that suits your requirements.

This method of hiring has made things easier for both students who are recent graduates and recruiters looking to hire new talent. All you need to do is sign up on these websites using a valid account, and there you have it! Your very own job search made easier!


Digital media tools, if used properly and to the best of their capabilities, can be a boon for the modern student. You can use various tools like citations for your papers, intro makers, and video editor free download for your videos and make your projects more interactive.

However, it is important to stay vigilant at all times and use these mediums efficiently. Strike a balance between using digital media for your education and entertainment, and you will achieve its utility to the fullest.


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