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Kayak Fishing: Awesome Tips for the Beginner Kayak Fisherman



If you had some experience in kayaking and fishing, you are on a good way to become a kayak fisherman. You already know how dynamic and turbulent kayaking can be. On the other hand, fishing is totally opposite – calm and steady. Have you ever thought that there should be a balance between these two? Of course, it should. That is why there is the new activity – kayak fishing.

Although you have the experience in these activities separately, there are some things you need to know about the kayak fishing itself. Here are the five tips for you as a new kayak fisherman.

Kayaking For Beginners: Kayak Fisherman Tips

  • Pick a spot – You probably went kayaking to different areas and environments. There is a wide choice of types or surrounding for trying out kayak fishing – fresh or salted water, a lake or a river, a creek and many more. We recommend you, as you are a beginner, to pick a place where you already been to. Once you go somewhere for kayaking, you will remember this place for a lifetime. Knowing where you stand is important, so don’t try to be courageous now, but choose a place that is familiar.

Fishing is not a hard activity. Don’t complicate it by coming up with the ideas of discovering new places. Once you feel the delight of kayak fishing, you will ask for more, but go step by step through the challenging areas.

  • Kayak – Even if you already have a kayak, it is important if is it suitable for the kayak fishing. Not all the types of the kayak are the same. For this type of activity, you might want a sit on top kayak.

It will offer you better visibility of the area. Kayak fishing is not as intense as your usual kayaking, so you can choose a lighter type. You should also look for a comfortable, stable kayak with a good store where you can put all your catch and personal stuff. If you are planning to catch a big fish, you will need a spacious storage. It would be great if you check some of the inflatable kayak reviews. That way you will inform more about fishing kayaks and find the one that suits your needs best.

The paddle is as almost important as the kayak. It should be light-weighted and bendable so handling it wouldn’t be a problem.

  • Cycles – Even if you are a beginner, there is no reason to miss out on a good fish. But, you have to pick the right time for the right catch. This means that fish has its own life cycle. Once you choose a specific fish species, check in the fishing books or on the Internet about when they reproduce usually.

This way you will approximately know when it the right time to sit in your kayak and catch some fish. It will be great if you have more kinds of fish you are about to catch. This will increase the chance of coming back home with the full nets.

  • Positioning- Kayaks usually don’t produce many vibrations on the water surface. That is why they are great for the fishing. Still, weather conditions can affect that it moves a bit.

Windy areas will swing your kayak a bit. If you are fishing on a lake, it would be great to use an anchor. It will secure the stillness of the kayak.

Pay attention to the weight of the anchor and the kayak. If you pick a heavy anchor it will make your kayak drown. The most suitable anchor weight is around 2 to 4 pounds.

  • Techniques- Even if you are an experienced fisherman, you are a newbie in the kayak fishing. It would be good to talk to the other fishermen out there or a fishing guide in the selected area. There are many details that you would have to learn, such as drifting, balancing, reeling, bait removal etc. The kayak fishing is way different than simple kayaking or fishing.


We know that kayak fishing has become popular nowadays. Kayaking activity is the perfect balance of excitement and tranquillity. It is eco-friendly and famous among the nature lovers. There is no any age restrictions. If you want to be successful in the kayak fishing it is essential to choose the right type of kayak for the waters that are your target. Provide yourself with the equipment, patience, and a fishing book to learn some new techniques. In a few days, you won’t be a beginner anymore in the kayak fishing.


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