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How to Sleep Well at Night and Wake up Early in the Morning Naturally


Can’t you sleep well at night naturally and not able to wake up early in the morning. This article is for you. You can incubate a lot of either negative things or positive things in sleep. This is getting too easy. Just sleeping meditation. So coming awake to an alarm bell with a certain start is not the best way to do your life. And, if you find that one day morning when you get up without any reason, you’re just feeling ugly for no reason.

If it is happening even at least two-three times a year If it is Then you must do certain things before you go to bed. It’s very very important because unconsciously, you need to understand this you can incubate a lot of either negative things or positive things in sleep either.

Pleasantness or unpleasantness you can incubate very effectively uninterrupted in sleep. You can also incubate it in the day, but there are so many interruptions, it doesn’t happen very efficiently. But if you have a tendency to go to bed in a certain way and you wake up in the morning really nasty for simply no reason. That means you’re incubating things in the night very efficiently bad eggs. This is not just about psychological disturbances it can cause major physiological problems over a period of time. It’s important that you eliminate these things from your life.

How To Sleep Well At Night And Wake Up Early In The Morning NaturallyHow to Sleep Well at Night Naturally?

  • Don’t sleep right after you eat
  • Take a shower before sleeping
  • Light an organic oil lamp
  • Don’t sleep with your head to the North
  • Remind yourself that you are Mortal
  • Keep all the things you gathered aside

So before you go to bed in the night there are certain things that you need to take care of.

  • Don’t Sleep Just After you Eat.

Meal Times and Sleep Times. It’s best if you’re eating. Meat and other kinds of meals you eat at least three to four hours before you go to bed the digestion is over. Before going to bed drink a certain amount of water and go to bed. You will see it gets taken care of just like this.

  • Take Shower Before Sleeping

One simple thing can be; Just a shower. Always to shower before going to bed. It’ll make a lot of differences. In winter, it may be cold showers are difficult. So you go for lukewarm showers, don’t go for hot showers in the night. Go for lukewarm showers. It makes you alert. So you will think oh, I cannot sleep, it doesn’t matter you’ll sleep 15-20 minutes or half an hour later. But you will sleep better. Because it will take away certain things. When you shower, it is not just the dirt under the skin that you’re taking away.

Have you noticed if you’re very tense and anxious whatever? Just a shower, you came out it and you feel like almost a burden has been taken away from you. So, it’s not just about washing the skin.  A whole lot of things happen when water flows over your body. this shower is a very rudimentary Bhuta Shuddhi (whole system of yoga based on the purification of the 5 elements) because over 70% of your body is actually water. If you run water over it, a certain purification happens which is beyond cleaning the skin.]

  • Light an Organic Oil Lamp

One more thing if you want to do just Light an organic oil lamp, a cotton wick & some oil. What do you use here normal cooking Oil? Linseed oil, Rice bran oil, Olive Oil or sesame oil. What do you have? Any organic oil with the cotton wick. Just burn one little lamp somewhere in the room where you sleep. You will see these things will completely disappear. If you can bring in a chant or there are nightly practices or yogic practices before you go to bed. Sit on your bed, and do this practice.

  • Don’t Sleep With Your Head to the North

Generally, you should not put your head to the north and sleep. Are you aware of this? If you put your head to the north and sleep. Then during the night, when you when you’re in horizontal positions, then slowly the blood will get pulled towards your brain. When there’s too much circulation in the brain, you cannot sleep peacefully if you have any kind of inherently weak aspects in your Brain. Or if you’re of old age, you could diagnose one can have the haemorrhage. It is because extra blood is trying to enter the brain. In the brain, the blood vessels are like hair like. And something extra is being pushed because of the magnetic pole. When you are in a vertical position, this is not solved. The moment you become horizontal, this pull on the head is so strong that slowly the blood tries to move towards the brain. So to avoid this. This true only in the northern hemisphere. If you go to Australia, you should not put your head to the south. If you are in India you should not put your head to the North. You can put it any other way. It’s okay.

  • Remind Yourself that You are Mortal

Time is running out. Keep this in your mind that you are truly immortal. Not in words, really you could fall dead right now. You may be young, you may behold, it doesn’t matter you can fall dead right now. Before you go to bed,  sit on the bed and think this is your deathbed and you have just one more minute to live.

Just look back and see what you have done today is it worthwhile. Just do this one simple exercise, and you don’t know when it really happens. Whether you’ll be sitting on your deathbed or lying in a hospital all kinds of things sticking into you. Who knows how it will happen but? Enjoy this every day that you will sit on your deathbed look back and see today. The way you have handled this 24 hours is it worthwhile because now you are dying. If you do this you will live over to.

  • Keep All Things You Gathered Aside

So, every day in the night all of you to do this is, before you go to bed last three minutes, everything that you have gathered the body the content of the mind things. Don’t ignore small things the small things are big things. We have seen how people are carrying their own private pillow. Because these things are important. So your pillow, your footwear, if you have relationships, everything that you have gathered keeps it aside. If you can sleep in that condition, you will wake up with much more light with much more energy, with much more possibilities than you have imagined possible.

How to Wake Up Early in the Morning Naturally?

  • Avoid Alarms
  • Rub your palms and place them over your eyes. Then get up on the right
  • Wake Up with a Smile
  • Don’t Get Alarmed

So what kind of sounds come awake to will determine the context of the day and the future of your life in many ways. So, coming awake to an alarm bell with a certain start is not the best way to do your life. It is best that if you need a certain amount of slide. If your body right now because of the kind of food that you consume. And the kind of thoughts and emotions that you process within yourself. Accordingly, you may under the level of vibrancy that you have managed within your body will determine how much sleep you need. Let’s say you need eight, or twelve hours of sleep. Whatever amount of sleep you need, you know how much you need, so you go to bed early enough so that you come awake naturally

  • Rub you Palms &  Get up on Right Side of the Bed

Physiologically, one important aspect of you is your heart the pumping station for your blood circulation which pumps life across the body. It starts from the left side.  In India, almost you all have heard that when you wake up you must roll to your right side and when you get up to have the left side you roll and get up, bad things will happen to you. These bad things are not about that. When you are in a certain state of relaxation. When the body is enabled relaxation the metabolic activity is low when you get up. There is a certain surge of activity. These things have built into your life, which you’re throwing away the whole science of living has been built in your life.

In the morning, before you wake up, you must rub your hands together and you must place it upon your eyes. We all have all the nerve endings (the heavy concentration of nerve endings). If you rub these two things together, the system comes awake immediately.  If you are feeling sleepy, just do this and see everything comes awake. So the morning before you move your body, you get it awake first and then place it upon your eyes instantly. The whole range of nerves connected with your eyes and by putting your hand on eyes, the other aspect of your senses come awake. Before you move your body and your brain should be active you shouldn’t get up dumb.

  • Wake Up With a Smile

Today, if all of us go to bed by tomorrow morning, nearly a quarter-million people won’t wake up. Suppose you wake up tomorrow, If you’re awake it needs at least a little celebration. You don’t have to get up and dance. At least you can smile still on. Then, if quarter-million people died, at least three to five million people lost somebody who’s dear to them. You check those three-four or five people who matter to you, all of them alive today, one more big smile.

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