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Is the Dark Web Real – Deep Web Existence, Things Found, and Safety Precautions



One of the most asked question by the people across the globe is ‘Is the dark or deep web real?’ Before we dive in about the dark web, it is very important that we know about the Surface, dark and deep web. It is basically that part of the internet which is hidden from the conventional users. Accessing deep web sites requires special software and different configuration and settings. What we call the ‘dark web’ is not indexed by the search engines, and therefore do not appear to every user present on the internet. Special software like Tor is required to access the dark web, which allows user anonymity across the network.

Definition – What does Dark and Deep Web mean?

It is just part of the internet that is not indexed and visible to search engines. (like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.) It requires an anonymizing browser to access it. We only access only 5-10% web i.e. surface web and other 90% is called Dark or Deep web which is part of the deeper part. Dark Web is popular with both black market as well as user protection, so it has both positive and negative aspects.Dark Web introduction , Deep web real precautions

Differences – Deep Web Vs Dark Web

A majority of the people have a tendency of confusing deep web with the dark web. Although in essence, both of these terms are co-related to each other, yet there is a major difference between the two.

The Deep web is that part of the internet which is unindexed by any search engine. The deep web consists of content and web pages not found by the conventional search engine. A variety of web pages and websites can be categorized under the deep web.

The dark web is a smaller subset of the deep web. It differs from the deep web in the fact that the content of the dark web is intentionally hidden from the normal internet. This makes it an excellent platform for all sorts of illicit and criminal activities. The contents of the dark web can be accessed with the help of special software like Tor. But still, the question haunts – ‘is it real?’

The existence of the Dark or Deep Web

While for some, the question ‘Is the dark web real?’ is a myth, there are many who believe that dark or deep web does exist. It is a place where people store their information and data which they do not want the public to have access to. Even conventional web browsers fail to find this information and content. The existence of the dark web also begs the question that ‘What kind of content and information is stored in the dark web?’

What is Found on the Dark Web?

Mostly, one can find illegal and abusive content on the dark web, along with illegal services. Some of the content you can expect to find on the mysterious web is as follows -:

  • Porn – It is full of illegal porn. People tend to share all kinds of abusive videos on the dark web without any filter. Child pornography and revenge porn are some of the most sought out videos available on it. These children are trafficked from poor countries and forced into prostitution.
  • Arms trafficking – It is also a primary hub for all sorts of arms trafficking. Criminals and terrorist groups all around the world have been using the dark web more and more in the recent years to trade weapons and ammunition. Since the user anonymity is maintained on it, it becomes easy for these criminals and terrorist groups to operate without the intervention of the law enforcement agencies.
  • Drug trade – Another major item which is traded on the dark web in heavy quantity is drugs. It has become the prime hotspot for all drug dealers to sell their products to their customers at a competitive price without the fear of getting caught by the law agencies. The anonymity of the dark or deep web ensures the protection of the identity of both the supplier and the dealer.
  • Blackhat hackers – It is also a prime hub for the operations of various black hat hackers. Data and information have a tremendous value on the dark web, and these black hat hackers sell confidential data and information to the highest bidder. One can even buy the subscription to malware software, which are capable of ruining the system infrastructure of organizations etc.
  • Illegal services – It also provides a platform for users to hire all kinds of black hat services like the contract killing, kidnapping, extortion, cyber terrorism etc. The user anonymity on the dark web makes sure that the parties involved in these activities are not caught.

Is Dark web Safe or Illegal- Safety Precautions:

Now that we have answered the question ‘is the dark web real?’, one must understand the consequence of using the deep web and the deep web formal practices. Accessing the dark web is not illegal. However, one must exercise extreme caution while surfing. No personal information must be disclosed. Suspicious links should not be clicked. It is also advised not to trust anyone on the darknet completely. As far as the software configuration goes, one must ensure that the Javascript cookies are disabled.

The Verdict

It is obvious that the dark or deep web is real and exists in some part of the internet. However it is very difficult to exactly comprehend the size and value of the dark web, and it is also very difficult to understand what kind of content and information gets flown around these secret webs.


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