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How to Prepare to Join the Indian Army Military 2020 – In Depth Guide



Are you the one among the people who are looking forward to joining in an Indian army? Gather some related information here to succeed your desire soon. Joining in an Indian army is having procedure included with pre-defined eligibility & testing criteria. It is possible that you can apply for a one among multiple vacancies which are named as, General duty soldier, technical soldier, clerk, storekeeper, barber, cartographer, nursing assistant, and tradesman & so on.

Moreover each & every position demands you to fulfil some upcoming requirements. If you are willing to join as soon as possible, just give your hand with Indian army Bharti 2020, which is an open rally for hiring suitable people. Let know about the procedure to apply, a selection process for the job or to start up training in an Indian army. For further information, just visit the official site of to access the details about multiple vacancies.

Tips on How to Prepare to Join the Indian Army In Depth Guide

Applying for Indian Army Military

Join with a ground force and protect our nation in a secured manner. There are so many different offers are available to apply as per your wish and eligibility. In fact, this one is a servicing branch that enables you to be completely authenticated for our society/nation.

  • Visit the official site and register your details with that.
  • After that, you will be allowed to go through the eligibility criteria for your wanted trade/position.
  • Keep in mind that, all entry requires a minimum qualification of 12th
  • Verify all the requirements related to educational qualifications, age limit, nationality required, marital status and physical standards.
  • Utmost, the physical standards will be considered on height, weight, and measure of a chest.
  • In addition to that, a person should have a good vision limit and also have to be without any health issues.
  • Make sure that, you are having all its requirements and apply via online.

Direction to Join Indian Army

Mostly, in our government, each and every profession & recruitment is conducting an exam to hire the people. Having any confusion to choose a path to take your step towards joining in an Indian army? There are 5 different ways are available to join in an Indian army and those are the ways of,

  • Defence service examination
  • Technical entrances
  • Special entries for NCC candidates
  • University-based entry scheme
  • Judge advocate entry

Eligibility Criteria:

When you are looking to apply for a particular job, just gather the complete information regarding its requirements and other aspects also. At the maximum, most vacancies in an army are available for the position of a General soldier and JCO/OR while comparing with other positions. The eligibility criteria are distributed as,

Educational Qualifications:

  • A candidate should pass their matriculation/Intermediate or some equivalent examination with the subject of science & English.
  • Nationality belongs to India, Nepal, and Bhutan, Tibetan refugees & and some of the east African countries people who are permanently settled in India.

Age Limits:

Post Name Age Required
General duty soldier 17 and a half to 21 years
Technical army officer 17 and a half to 21 years
Clerk/ shopkeeper 17 and a half to 23 years
Nursing assistant 17 and a half to 23 years
Tradesman, housekeeper- 17 and a half to 23years
Automated cartographer 20 to 25 years
Junior commissioned officer 27 to 34 years
Catering officer 21 to 27 years
Havildar education 20 to 25 years

Physical Criteria:

Checking a health condition and body measures of a respective person are an important thing. Generally, apart from the preliminary screening process, you have to face a physical fitness test which is a part of the selection. It requires you to perform well in the upcoming tests which are targeted to reach its maximum.

  • 6 km run for endurance
  • Pulls up action
  • 9 feet ditch for courage
  • Zig-zag balance

The above examinations are not suitable for all positions. No matter, whatever a position you are choosing, this physical tests will be varying with respect the trade for what you have been applied.  And also the age limit is varying for different positions in accordance with your desire to join.

In our civilian life, if you have any wish to contribute your participation to protect our nation? Start your career with fighting force which is called as “Army”. Collect the wanted information and preparation ideas from the corresponding platform in an online. It will be helpful to make your hands together with others to protect our nation. Eventually, clear your mind with the provided details of army recruitment and make sure that it could be a great way to brighten your future.  Now we’ll study the step by step guide on how to prepare for the Indian army:-

How To Prepare For Indian Army Officer?

  • Documents preparation
  • Racing And Physical Test
  • Medical Test
  • Written exam

Prepare for Documents

The first phase is Document preparation. Keep the below points in mind:

  • Keep looking opportunities: Keep looking for opportunities, there may be any Open  Rally recruitment or any Rally Bharti in your state or area. Keep yourself up to date with the Indian Army Bharti/Rally.
  • Organize your documents:  Always keep prepare all your required documents. Because at the last moment if you forget, you may be rejected due to not having required documents at the rally time. Documents required:
    • Class 10th and/or 12th Marksheet (according to post you applied for)
    • Domicile of the State you belong (Residential Certificate)
    • Character certificate
    • Other documents should be organized i.e. NCC certificate, relational certificate, outstanding sportsman certificate or any other important extracurricular or co-curricular certificates along with copies of them verified by a relevant officer.
    • Always keep your Indian Army Admit Card printout with copies of required documents as mentioned above points.

You should have all the above-mentioned documents in original along with one photocopy of each document duly attested by Principal / Headmaster or Gazetted Rank Officer.

Running, Racing and Physical Test

The real challenge is racing or running for an Army participant. It’s clear that you must have to endure the pain to be an Army person. Remember that no pain, no gain. Candidates need regular practice. It is not possible to run 1600 meters in 5 minutes without any preparation and face a crowd where you will not even get an inch of free space. Therefore, you must have to start your preparation well before at least 2 or 3 months of Bharti to prepare your body as well as the mind.

Candidates are required to keep themselves in good physical condition by following the under mentioned routine:-
  • Running: 2 to 4 Km. in 15 minutes
  • Skipping
  • Pushups & Sit-ups: Minimum 20 each
  • Chin ups: Minimum 08
  • Rope Climbing : 3 to 4 meters.

Here are some practices you need to apply to you:-

Maintaining Regularity

The most important part of racing is maintaining it on regular basis. You will have to build your stamina. You need at least 2-3 months or more to prepare best for your preparations. So now the question is when to start practising, the answer is Now. Although candidates should do practice daily as it is also good for health and it keeps the body fit.

How to Start

You should have to take a strong decision. Once you decided to start from the day you choose, you must stick to it and start. Always run in the superior pair of shoes, don’t try to run barefooted. Running with barefooted can cause a lot of injuries which can lead to a lot of pain.

Before Running

Try to choose the time in the early morning and/or evening for running. As we already told you that don’t try to run barefooted. In the morning, drink normal water at least 20-25 minutes before running. Don’t drink too much. Having fruit like a Banana at least 15-20 minutes before running can be preferred. In the evening, make sure you have your meal at least 2-3 hours before running. Running with a heavy diet can cause issues.

Before running, warm up the body by doing some stretching or running slowly or just walk for 4-5 minutes.

After running

Never drink too much water or any other fluid-like juice/shake etc. while running and after running. Taking a little sip is okay if you feel very drying. Overdrinking can be dangerous and can lead to brain damage which means death. Having water at regular interval after 30 minutes of running to make your body hydrated.

While running

Prefer ground for running rather than hard roads. Always stretch your body before as well as after running. Always try to breathe through your nose instead of the mouth. Inhaling through the nostrils and exhaling through the mouth is also preferred.

The main purpose of running is S2– Speed and Stamina (endurance). You need both to win the race. Start with the just normal run or jogging. Then start increasing speed and difficulty levels continuously. In the starting week, just try to run at normal speed, don’t push yourself too much.

How to run in Rally?

Try to get in the front row and in the first batch. Start the race with just decent pace. Stay calm and avoid the crowd with you. Don’t panic. You know that you have done hard work and try your best. Most of the crowd will be weeded out till 3rd lap. In the final lap, increase your pace and give your best. Maintain your stability or balance while running in the rally, falling to the ground can cost you a lot.

Pull ups and push ups, not the regular ones

If you can get through the racing part, then you will definitely make it to the end. But, don’t underestimate other physical tests, especially the pull-ups. Just like running, pull ups and push ups also need regular practice, so make sure you practice them as well.

These pull ups/chin ups and push ups that you will have to do at the rally will be a bit different from your regular ones. You will have to raise up and come down when the instructor will tell you to. e.g if the instructor will say the word “up” then you will have to raise up and remain in that position until he says the word “down”.

And let me tell you that this method is a lot more difficult than the regular one, so prepare yourself accordingly.

Medical Test

It is very important to be in your best medical condition i.e. physically as well as mentally. Though there is not much that you can do, but still you should try to give your best. Medical is conducted mostly in this order over the next 4/5 days –

Day 1 – Blood test, Urine test, Chest x-ray, Ultrasound.
Day 2 – Ear, Nose & Tongue(ENT), Eye
Day 3 – Surgical Examination
Day 4 – Eye & Dental
Day 5 – General Medical(Height, weight, blood pressure, heartbeat) & Medical Conference

Medical Examination Procedure of the Recommended Candidates at Selection Centres.

Click here to read Medical Criteria

Here are a few things that you can do for the medical test:-

  • Keep yourself tidy (neat and clean)
  • Clean your ears
  • Take care of your health: Take special care of your diet, try to avoid fast food as much as you can, and stay away from injuries.

Written Exam

The candidates usually qualify the physical and medical round but the written exam is one of the toughest rounds.  The difficulty level of the written exam will depend on the trade that you are giving exam for, e.g the difficulty level of technical is much higher than that of tradesmen. So, you should prepare for the written exam as per your trade.

Following are some tips that will make things a bit easy for you:-

  • Regularity is everything: Regularity in studying will only make you stronger in your preparations each day, so make sure you study on the regular basis.
  • Divide and study: Divide your syllabus according to different topics. Set the days according to your topics. For example, you can practice General knowledge on Mondays and Tuesday, and do the same thing to other subjects.
  • Solve Practice papers: Try to solve the practice papers, sample papers, previous year question papers. It will help you to determine the exam pattern and also prepare you to face the exams. Don’t totally depend on these.
  • Revision: Revision is the most important part. Do revision on weekend, whatever you study the whole week. You can also revise the topics you have learned the whole day.
  • Make Important Notes: Prepare a separate notebook for important topics. don’t prepare long notes. These notes will also help you in revision.
  • Read newspaper daily: Make a habit of the reading newspaper daily. It helps you to stay up to date, improve your general knowledge and make brain sharper.
  • Points to Remeber while studying: Keep your mobile phone or such stuff away while you are studying. Always stay positive. Take a short break after every 40-45 minutes.

Education Bhaskar prays for your best future and advice you to manage above-mentioned habit. If you still have other question or query related to Indian Army preparation, you can comment down. We try to answer every single question.


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