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Why Should You Join Coaching For IIT JEE Main and Advanced?



Almost all the students studying in 10+2 standard must know what IIT JEE is whether they are from Science, Commerce or Arts section. IIT JEE is known for its strictness and complex of the exam conducted. IIT-JEE, the most desired entrance exam in the country has been in the news for quite some time now because of the changes in its pattern. There will be two exams – JEE Mains followed by JEE Advanced. The time gap between the two will be three to four weeks. Most of the students decide to join coaching classes for IIT JEE Preparation.

Why Should You Join Coaching For IIT JEE Main and Advanced Career Guide 1

Many students join coaching and centres to prepare for the examination while others stay at home and prep for the same using online materials and guides. In this article, we will tell you the benefits of IIT JEE coaching and the need to join coaching for proper preparation.

What is IIT?

IIT or Indian Institute of technology is a collection of government managed colleges that provide higher studies in the field of technology.

Institutes of national importance is a term defined for the IITs because of the intelligent and service providing alumni that have passed out from the colleges. There are only a limited amount of IIT schools situated in the whole of India. The total seats for undergraduate students are around 11 thousand. The absence of seats makes the competition harder and complex each year.

The institutes are located in various places including Delhi, Goa, Kharagpur, Roorkee, and much more. There are 23 official IITs certified by the institutes of Technology act. However, to increase the number of overall undergraduate seats that result in the allocation of more students to the colleges, more Institutes such as GATE IIT and others are being developed.

All Indian Institutes of Technology provide various undergraduates like NEET Coaching and postgraduate courses. The undergraduate courses include the Bachelors of Technical while the Post Graduate courses include the Masters in technology and the Masters in Science. The institutes conduct an entrance examination to select the students annually. The test is known as the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) and. JEE is declared as one of the hardest exams in India till date.

What is the IIT Joint Entrance Examination (IIT JEE)

Joint Entrance Examination, simplified as JEE, is a national level entrance examination that is held annually to select the Undergraduate students so that they can avail their seats in one of the various Institutes. One of the seven zonal IIT is responsible for the proper and fair conduction of the Joint entrance examination.

The IIT which conduct the inspection includes IIT Roorkee, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur, IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, and IIT Guwahati. The examination was only conducted annually till 2018, but now, the National Testing Agency conducts the exam twice a year. There are two variants of the test.

One is the JEE Mains and the other being JEE Advanced. JEE Advanced is the one that is responsible for the admission process in the various IITs. JEE Mains is also a national level entrance that is used as a preliminary exam to filter out the weak students. The filtering allows only potential students to attend the JEE Advanced exam. That does not make JEE Mains useless, though. Many small private and governmental institutes take their students based on JEE Mains. A minimum of 75% marks is required in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths to be able to be eligible for the JEE Mains exam. After the JEE Mains exam, a fixed cutoff mark is declared and whoever has scores equal or greater to that, is eligible to attend the JEE Advanced examination.

Most of the students who aspire for Indian Institutes of Technology attend coaching and tuitions for the preparation. While some of them remain confident in themselves are prepare at home using online guides and modules. There are several JEE exam coaching centres available that provide sufficient knowledge and Intel for the student to crack the exam.

Why Should You Join IIT JEE Entrance Coaching?

 The selection process of big coaching institutes is same; test and performance.  On the basis of performance, they allow you a batch. Higher batches are known as ‘Toppers’ or ‘Rankers’ or ‘A1’ batch. Batches have been changing on the basis of performance in monthly or quarterly tests. There are several reasons why one must join the JEE Entrance coaching. We have collected and enlisted some of them for your precise information.


Discipline is one of the most important reasons why one must join entrance coaching. The coaching institutes offer regular classes that the student has to attend which makes them more punctual and disciplined. The institutes conduct regular tests every week and month that teaches the students about the question level and exam pattern. These routine exams and tests also enhance time management skills.


Almost all of the coaching institutes have experienced and well-qualified teachers that can guide a student from all the problems whether related to study or physical. The teachers try to help the students in any way and can guide them through the path of the issues to the path of success. They can also solve one’s problems or explain one’s topic again if the student did not understand it for the first time. However, this is not possible if the students prepare for JEE Entrances at his/her home.

Prescribed Study Material

The coaching institutes provide the students with their study modules and guides that the student can study. Ther generally offer on the point and structured guides so that the student can efficiently research and prepare for the Joint Entrance Examination. The coaching also provides the students with proper question papers and revision notes that can help the student to revise everything at the eleventh hour.

Knowledge Of Competition

If a student prepares for the entrances in a coaching institute, he/she will meet with other fellows that are pursuing the same goal. This will keep the student motivated and competitive all the time. By analyzing the knowledge of the students in the coaching centre, the student will get a taste of the competition level that he or she is going to face later on in life.


The coaching classes and schedule keep a student fresh and disciplined all the time. This time table helps the student in maintaining consistency in one’s study. These two years of disciplined training also enhance time management and other skills in a student’s mind.

Which Coaching Centres are Best to Join for IIT JEE Preparation?

Despite of a tough student’s life, Kota is still the first choice that comes to mind for IIT JEE preparation. Other than Kota, Delhi and Hyderabad are also popular favourites for students.

Some of the famous coaching institutes having centres in major cities, although the quality of faculty and facilities varies centre to centre.

Best Coaching Centres Best Online Coaching Portals
Allen Institute Aakash itutor
Aakash Institute Vedantu
Resonance Byjus


Summing everything up, we would like to tell you that a student MUST attend a coaching institute if he/she wants to score better and crack the IIT JEE entrance exams. With the support of the faculties and study materials, one can easily score more and push his/her limits.


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