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Byju’s – The next big thing in the educational industry?



During an era where technology has become an indispensable part of our lives, an educational application is making a name for itself by becoming the go to application for every kind of educational need. The amount of hype surrounding the app is not surprising, with over 80 lakh downloads on Google play store the numbers speak for themselves. With the new generation video-based learning system, byju’s app is focused on getting the right content to the children in the right way. With their technique of using audio-visual teaching methods to help students understand topics in the right way brings an alternative to not having to memorize the whole subject. With their strong and motivated content, technology and media team, they are striving for excellence in the Edu-tech industry.

Byju's App Review- The next big thing in the educational industry

Let us look at a few of the key features of the application in context.

  1. The sheer amount of subscribers: In a time of just over 3 months from the launch of the app in 2015, the application saw over 20 lakh downloads on the Google play store. Now, that number is over 80 lakhs and still counting, which is not an easy achievement by any means. With over 90 percentage of the subscribers returning back to the application in the successive year, the numbers seem to be signifying that the application is heading in the right direction.
  1. The way of teaching ‘Why’: Instead of just dumping the whole syllabus on the candidate, what they do is they take their time in explaining how the topic. Explaining how the topic works with their state of the art integrated 3D animated video classes, candidates are able to understand the topic in the practical approach, not just the theory. For instance- Learning Pythagoras Theorem visually with the help of a video class. This facilitates the scepticism raised by the candidates by asking the ‘why’ and ‘how’ about the particular topic in the candidate’s mind.
  1. Funding: In this day and age a lot of people give utmost importance to who second’s a certain product. With one of the world’s most renowned philanthropist organization viz. Chan Zuckerberg initiative having been known to invest in the company owing to the latter’s credibility in the Indian educational sector proves that the company’s product is credible.


  1. Topics covered: With the need for highly syllabus oriented topics among students, the BYJU’S application with their syllabus oriented content has been proven to help CBSE and all sorts of state board students with their topics. Even for competitive examinations like CAT, NEET, UPSC and such byju’s offers syllabus oriented content to help candidates excel in these exams for a better future.
  1. Student based difficulty approach: Understanding that not all students are the same; the byju’s application has the feature of adaptive learning. Adaptive learning being in a test method where a regular assessment of the topic is being done, if the candidate answers the questions correctly the difficulty of the questions are increased so he can improve his skills on that particular topic. If the candidate is not able to perform well, then the difficulty of the questions are reduced and helps to bring up the candidates caliber gradually.
  1. Video based learning: Just like how our mind is able to recollect more scenes from a movie we saw compared to what we read in the newspaper on that particular day, video-based learning techniques help candidates to memorize and recollect what they study.

Byju’s App:  Best educational app for learning in India:

It is a combination of all these factors that makes the byju’s app on the stage for a success story, which all started from a man who scored 100% in CAT, not once but twice. Try out the YouTube channel and see for yourself.

About Author:

Basil C Baby is an Engineer and Blogger with impending knowledge in several sectors of the economy. Currently working with think and learn pvt ltd in helping students to come fall in love with learning.

Email: [email protected]

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