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Career in Python Programming Language- Features, Scope, & Salary



Python is an excellent backend programming language for both beginners and experts. It is used for web scraping, scripting, automation, data analysis, web development and creating data sheets. Guido Van Rossum, the creator of Python, wanted to make the indentation meaningful so that the readability and ease of use of Python could increase. Today, Python is used by major MNCs like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Netflix and Dropbox. Moreover, it is also used in frameworks like Django, Flask and Jupyter. Now, we will discuss a career in Python. Do you want to learn complete python programming and make a career in it with python certification? Then Intellipaat Python Online Training is for you.

Being a web programming language, Python easily interfaces with the internet. It can quickly send and receive web requests and can collect information from databases. The language does not require anyone to state the type of value and function returns when they are defined or created. The growth rate of Python has been exponential over the last few years, and it exceeds the other programming languages by a hefty margin.

Python Language Popularity graph
Data Source – Udacity

Python is also the most favoured programming language in the market, as more than 76 per cent of organisations prefers it over other programming languages. This has increased the demand of individuals proficient in Python. Aspirants looking for a career in data mining can do their Python training in Delhi or Mumbai as per their location and achieve excellence in data analytics.

Career in Python

Below are some of the career opportunities where knowledge of Python is crucial:

  • Web Development

With proper exposure to back-end web development, roles like web developers, software engineers and front-end web designers can be obtained. The protocols, tasks and workflow one learns while working on Python opens the doors to many other technical jobs.

  • Data Science

One can also work as a business analyst or on a dev team after gaining a specialization in Python programming. The chance to become a data analyst or data scientist also increases as Python is the primary language used in data science, analytics and machine learning.

Career in Python Programming Language- Features, Scope, & Salary

Why is Python best for beginners?

  • Simple Elegant Syntax

The syntax of Python is straightforward and elegant. It has greater ease of reading and writing as compared to other programming languages like Java, C#, C++. It allows beginners to focus on finding solutions rather than being focused on syntax; thus, making programming fun.

  • Easy Learning

The need for defining a variable is unnecessary in Python. Moreover, unlike the other programming languages, the need to add a semicolon at the end of any statement is not essential in Python programming. Python enforces beginners to follow proper indentations making learning more accessible.

  • High Expressiveness

When Van Rossum designed Python, his first idea was to make the program as expressive as the English language. Therefore, Python allows one to write programs that have greater functionality with minimum lines of code so that they can be easily understood. As the syntax is similar to English, one does not have to look up what different symbols mean while using Python.

  • Good Marketable Skill

If one wishes to join a software engineering team, Python can be of great help. It can help in creating something that is well-maintained and readily adopted by the team. Programmers with good knowledge of Python are also highly paid than other programmers.

Features of Python

  • Contains Standard Libraries

Python has numerous standard libraries that make it easier for the programmer as they don’t have to write all the code themselves. The libraries are adequately tested and are used by hundreds of people. Therefore, one can be entirely sure that the use of Python will not break their application.

  • Embeddable and Extensible

Many times applications require combinations of programming languages for high performance. With the help of the Python code, one can easily combine pieces of different languages. It also increases the scripting capabilities which other languages do not provide.

  • A High-Level Interpreted Language

While using Python, programmers do not have to worry about different daunting tasks like garbage collection and memory management. It automatically converts the code in the language that the computer can easily understand. Python reduces the effort on a low-level operation which is high in programs like C and C++.

  • Object-Oriented

Everything in the Python programming language is an object. The object-oriented programming (OOP) helps beginners in solving complex high-level problems intuitively. Programmers can divide the long and complex problems into small sets by creating different objects for them.

Python Job Profiles

  • Software Engineer
  • Data Analysts
  • Data Scientist
  • Research Analyst
  • Software Developer

Salary of Python as Fresher & Professional

According to, here are some figures of salary offered to a Python fresher and professional mentioned below in table according to locations and experience.

Below are graphs depicting average Python employee with one year of experience or less salary by the city (first chart) and average salaries by years of experience (second chart).

Average Python jobs salary by city and experience in India Avareage Python fresher and professional salary by city and experience in India

Average Python jobs salary by city and experience in the USA or Abroad: Avareage Python fresher and professional salary by city and experience in USA or Abroad

In a nutshell, one can say that Python is an effective programming language. If aspiring for a future in programming, one can opt for Python and take the best first step towards success. Aspirants can learn the language better by enrolling in various centres for Python training in Delhi or Chennai and speed up their understanding. With proper training and knowledge of Python, they can unlock the door to a brighter future in programming.



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