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6 Best Brew Tips About How to Store Coffee Beans Fresh


The best tasting coffee is the best stored one. The strength and aroma of your coffee depend entirely on how you store it. Light, moisture, air, and heat play a significant role in how your coffee tastes. But know for sure that these elements are the perfect enemies of your coffee beans and you want to avoid them. You may have used ceramic jars or the purchase time packaging to store your coffee beans and might be wondering how to store coffee beans so that they remain fresh and safe. Before you determine how to store coffee beans, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

  • Coffee goes stale with time – Once you have opened the lid or cut the pouch, the days of your coffee beans are numbered. Over time, the strong aroma and flavour slip away. You should not consider storing your coffee beans for a long time.

  • Coffee absorbs moisture – so your storage choice needs to be airtight. Avoid using wet spoons in your coffee powder.

  • Light, moisture, air, and heat – keep your coffee beans in cool and dark surroundings.

Best Ways to Store Coffee Beans to Keep Them Fresh

Well, if you haven’t tried out these steps yet, you are surely missing that rejuvenating cup of coffee you deserve.

1. Block all exits

If you are looking forward to using the best quality coffee beans, be sure to store them in an airtight container or Ziploc bags. Slightest contamination of your coffee beans by air reduces the freshness and flavour of the beans. Be sure to not keep your coffee jar open for too long.

2. Lights Out

Storing coffee beans is much easier than storing grounded coffee. But in any case, you have to ensure they are kept away from any source of light, preferably in a refrigerator. An opaque plastic bag may not be a good choice to store your coffee beans as plastic conducts a good deal of light as well as heat, both of which are negative factors for the health of your coffee beans.

3. Coffee Gator Canister

Coffee Gator Canister to Store Coffee Beans FreshAmong the best ways of storing coffee without worry would be the Coffee Gator Canister. It’s stainless opaque, steel, airtight and comes with a CO2 valve. Coming in a myriad number of colours, it is almost always a happy sight to see your beverage seeds given such bright care. Such a vibrant spectrum might tempt you to put them on display, just a word a caution! Keep them away from the flame!

4. The Lesser, The Better

Coffee beans can last for months even after they are roasted. But that does not guarantee the freshness of your beans. Since coffee is a seasonal product, it is always a good practice to store smaller volumes of coffee beans at once.

You may want to purchase the volume of coffee beans or powder depending on your rate of consumption. If you are storing roasted coffee beans, make sure that you have enough beans to last a couple of weeks and not more. The days are numbered for the beans after you have roasted them.

5. Avoid Metal Contact

Tin jars may not be a good storage option for your coffee beans as tin absorbs heat. Though dark inside, your beans may not be as fresh or safe as you might think. Using spoons made of any kind of metal may not be a good option for the beans or the powder as they might quickly absorb the temperature of the metal and quality may degrade. Moist coffee beans do not breakdown easily.

6. Refining your beans

If you are in the regular practice of storing coffee beans, you are well aware of the aroma and freshness. Partial exposure of the beans to the direct rays of the sun may help retain some amount of freshness but not for long.

Instead, you can try placing the beans for 10-15 minutes under a high powered bulb. This procedure helps to dry off the little amount of moisture that your coffee beans may have absorbed over time. Long exposure of your coffee beans under direct light will eventually degrade the taste of your lovely cup of beverage.

Parting Thoughts

Taking care of your coffee beans requires as much cautiousness as in childcare. A simple mistake can cause to deliver multiple cups of disappointment that you may not want early in the morning or back home from work. While storing your coffee beans requires patience and vigilance, it eventually yields a relaxing, aromatic and quality coffee once brewed. As the saying goes, “a simple cup of coffee can bring out either a smile or frown.

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