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10 Habits to become a Topper in Studies- Topper’s Guide



Dear aspirants, every student wants how to be a topper of class, school or college/university. Wish to top in the board exams. So here are the steps or habits that will Make You a Topper. These are not interpretations; these are going to be facts. If you listen carefully, you might get into the best colleges scored the highest mass maintain those scores and even clear any freaking competition. Topping in any exam isn’t actually hard, the truth is, you would like to top, you entertain the idea, but you don’t seriously want to, and that’s why you haven’t. Let’s hear the ten reasons why!

10 Habits to become a Topper in Studies- Topper's Guide
Topper in Studies

How to be a Topper in Studies

  • Avoid last moment preparation
  • Choose best for life, not best for you.
  • You need a plan
  • Don’t be mediocre
  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Give priority to study
  • Choose the study as interest
  • Inclination towards the study
  • Always get motivated

1. Avoid last moment preparation:

More students live in the illusion that they would just start study a few weeks before the exams and scored the desired marks. When the time comes, and you sit to study, you hate it, can’t find any interest in it. Think useless, hate your friends who are studying, talk to the ones who always score well. And then worry because they’re going ahead of you, invite stress because of the course syllabus is too large to cover. This happens because studying doesn’t just happen. It’s a habit are built over time. Instead of making a habit of studying, you have been daily developing other habits. And suddenly when you change your routine and demand from your brain to focus on the studies, it gets confused. That’s not how the brain works. It simply does as trained. Those who say they study for one night and score well are making you fool. There are no tricks, schemes, mind games, but the mere truth of life everything comes from hard work. A fact you’re going to learn years later.

2. Inclination towards the Study to be a topper:

Let’s be honest here nobody’s born with a natural inclination to study. What we want to do is play games, have fun with friends, get loads of girlfriends, look incredibly good and have been dying for us, Show off to everybody, become famous in school or college, have rolls of cash lying around, get cars, drink all day, do drugs and possibly date pornstars. At that age, that’s how guys think. We are dumb cattle. If you want to be a topper, then that will have to become your inclination.

3. Choose to study as an interest

Why does this world quantitatively has such a large amount of average students? Because they are dumb? The answer is No. Most people are dumb because they choose to remain stupid. It’s not an affliction. You have to understand, to get better in anything, the one only thing you need to do is practice. Practice in itself includes hard work. Because you have not consciously chosen anything in your life yet. Why do you think older guys and men always say,”on, at your age, use used to do the same mistake.” Because they actually have. They are not saying it to be cool in front of you; they are stating a fact being cool in reality is actually being like everybody else sadly there’s nothing cool about being cool in reality everybody else. So be careful about what you’re doing which you may think is unique and cool, it isn’t. So always do the study with an interest.

4. Impulse vs. resolving:

The problem with most of you is not that you don’t plan or want the study, but whenever you decide, at the last moment, you do something else. In simple terms, you have too many distractions around you in forms of people. You’re about to study but some friend comes to your place, and then you spend our chatting with him. You’re studying you receive texts, but you receive WhatsApp texts from friends you get tagged online. You think that their problems are my problems. We are friends. Why do you think people who actually cracked the IITs and IIMs shut themselves in a room, only attract those with similar pursuit, and aren’t really active on social media? Because of one word, priorities. Priorities are what leads a man to glory and similarly to the destruction.

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5. You need to plan:

It’s no mystery. You have filled your life with losers. You’re getting affected by anything happening around you. Your parents are right on this one thing; you need to plan. For planning to happen, it requires isolation, research, self-questioning, self-estimation, recognition of the goals, the period of time, scheduling, routine, building, time wasted, scanning the sources of time wastage, the capacity to work, and the work to be done. All these things get automatically figured out by simply sitting down and planning. We hope you better start doing it as soon as this article by Education Bhaskar is over.

6. Choose the best for your life:

We all want the best for ourselves. But the best often have two different definitions
Best for you and
Best for your life.
At a given time many things can be best for you, but not best for your life. For example, I have a friend who loiters all the time, as a result wasting a lot of time To him it was the best thing- getting all these out of the home, here and there, not doing study well, not doing any work. As years passed, he found out that he had ruined his career; was no close to the position he had envisioned, got severely depressed. Let’s apply this to you; you actually know the best things for your life. You already have colleges planned in your mind,  the percentage in high school, 12th, or college, your GPA in college, companies you want to get into. At any stage, you know what the best thing for your life is, but you always sabotage it, destroy it for things that are best for you in the moment.

7. Start learning from your mistakes instead of lowering your standards

In any educational system, we have exams, tests, reports and assessment of our performance several times a year, which clearly tell us if we are meeting our expectations or not. Your expectations are the most accurate and credible assessment of your abilities done by your mind. So if you are underperforming, instead of accepting the results as your standards, learn what the mistakes were, where you lacked, and what you need to focus on. Boost your confidence.

8. Don’t be a mediocre student

The moment you were put into the category of average students by your teacher or some authority. You didn’t have a problem with the term average. It did not ignite a fire in your chest. The problem is that most of you have accepted that you are an average student, and the common basis, that’s how refers to yourself. Think, How can you be a topper if you’ve already accepted you are mediocre. Reject it. Anyone don’t get to decide who you are, you do. Put yourself on the top, that’s where you belong.

9. You fool yourself thinking you are the creative genius or street smart

Because there are just too many articles Calling idiots waste time in doing stupid pranks, fun, drinking giving make fools to all smart in different ways. It is truth because clearly nobody wants to tell you this: if you continue on this path: you’re going to fail in life, hard. And that nerd in your class you call a dumbass for always is study is going to get a great job. But these are the facts of life, not interpretations.

10. Always get motivated

 And long-term, nobody can help you with that. This is the truth. You know why? Because it’s your life. We can tell you how and why but at the end of the day, the decision is yours. Nobody is going to do anything on your behalf. The only people who truly care about you are your parents, nobody else motivates you and help you.

How do you get motivated daily?

If you seek motivation, then look at the things you want to change, and that alone should burn the fire in your heart. Why I am living in this small house. I deserve better. I hate clothes that I’m wearing, or a number of clothes I own, I hate that I’m not able to eat whatever I want any day I wish. We are all living limitations; those limitations should motivate the hell out of you. Are you satisfied with your current state the house you live in, your bank account, your car whatever you drive, the cash in your pocket, your computer, cell phone, everything?  Are you satisfied, or do you want more or better? In these things, you will find your daily now motivation. 

Hope you will like this article, if you have any other problem or suggestion, you may share your views in the comment box below.


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    More important than looking at your standard of living then deriving motivation from it is to think what kind of impact do you want to leave in this world because of your existence here, what do you want to change and how can you help the world become a better place? These things bring the most motivation.
    “Impact this world greatly in beneficial ways” should be the motto of toppers everywhere.

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