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Grammarly Review – How to Get Grammarly Premium Account Free 2020?



Nowadays, most of us are using Grammarly which is impressive to find grammatical errors or mistakes. It comes in two versions, free and premium. Free plan has basic features which are used for basic uses. If any person who can afford premium account can go with it which is pretty good. Second, Premium plan includes a lot of premium features like Plagiarism detectorAdvance Issues finder, Vocabulary EnhancementGenre-Specific Writing Style, etc. Although, You still need to learn the fundamentals of grammar. It useful tool if you want to correct the finer points of grammar.Do you want Grammarly Review, here it is.

Grammarly tool app review

How to Use Grammarly?

It comes with 4 preferences of languages- American English, British English, Canadian English and Australian English. You can choose any of one and change it to other anytime.

Grammarly app is serving via 3 modes:

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is  English  Grammar checker and writing cloud-based platform developed by Grammarly Inc. The app is first released in 2009.  It can correct over 250 kinds of grammatical errors instantly based on grammar rules. It can automatically recognize spellings,  grammar, punctuation, word choice, and style mistakes in writing.  It can identify and correct the silly grammar mistakes like using “It’s” instead of “Its” or misremembering to add punctuation marks where needed. 

In summary, this tool is perfect for:

  • Writers
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Journalists
  • Bloggers
  • Lawyers & others.

Grammarly Free Vs Premium Account – Side-by-Side Comparison

Grammarly comes with two plans: Premium and Free. Free has limited features and accessibility which is good for students and beginners. Premium means the more awesome features. Here is quick comparison table below:

Critical grammar and spelling checks
Yes Yes
Advanced checks for punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure
No Yes
Vocabulary enhancement suggestions
No Yes
Genre-specific writing style checks
No Yes
Show of Alternative word ( to avoid word repetition)
Plagiarism detector that checks more than 16 billion web pages
No Yes

 Premium Account Additional Features:

  • Advanced checks: It has 200+ Advance checks for grammar, punctuation, composition, context, sentence structure etc.  It also helps you to check some word repetition and let you replace it with the “alternative word” and make wonderful readability score of your content which is good for SEO and readability.advance checks
  • Vocabulary Enhancement: Latest Outstanding vocabulary database which suggests you grow your vocabulary usage.Vocabulary Enhancement Checker Online
  • Plagiarism Detector: Plagiarism detector detects copied or plagiarised content and helps you to write unique work. Check your written work and deliver the unique. The algorithm of  Grammarly identified the para or sentences online which is matching with your content so that you can immediately review the sentence and change it accordingly to generate a unique article.
    Plagiarism Checker online
  • Microsoft Office Add-in: It helps you to check or correct Grammarly functions inside M.S. Office application.
  • Mobile Keypad: Grammarly keyboard also helps you correct grammar and spelling errors on mobiles too. You can set it as default keyboard which works for every app on your device, including Whatsapp, Google Docs, Instagram etc. which is not feasible on the desktop.

How to Get Free Grammarly Premium account?

  • Using Special Link
  • By Becoming An Affiliate
  • By Referring program (Refer to Friends, Relatives etc.)
  • Using Grammarly EDU Accounts
  • Using Groupbuy i.e. Flikover

Using Special Link:

This trick will help you get Grammarly access for one week, which can be extended by referring people.
  1. Sign up by Clicking Here.
  2. After successful registration, Install the Chrome extension
  3. Login with registration details and 
  4. Enjoy one week of premium access!

By Becoming Affiliate:

If you are a blogger or publisher or have a large audience on the online social platform, then it’s for you! Join affiliate program. Here are the steps.
  • First of all, signup to Grammarly Affiliate. Click here to join the affiliate program for free.
  • After successful approval from the team, you can use your affiliate links/banners/videos on your blogs/sites etc.
  • You will earn money for every user you refer!
Note: You can also send or contact the team regarding free access to App and you might get free 1-month access to premium features.

For Students ( EDU Accounts)

Grammarly for Educational Institutions called “Grammarly EDU” grants free licenses for the students as well as teachers. You can discover more and also signup for the free trial account at Grammarly EDU.

Grammarly EDU

  1. Go to Grammarly EDU
  2. Click on the button Get a Quote and fill institute details.
  3. Request them to give you free access using legit details (college/school)

Using Flikover:

If anyone has less budget, then you should go with the Group buy option. Group buy like Flikover provides Grammarly premium access at a very affordable price. You just required to create an account and install two chrome plugins/extensions. Follow the below steps:
  1. Go to Flikover and create a new account. Click here to Create Free Account.
  2. Download and install these two plugins – Plugin 1 | Plugin 2
  3. Log in to your flikover account and access the tool.

Wrap Up

In brief, Grammarly is really nice and useful app or tool which is useful for almost all individual who is on the internet. Students, bloggers, writers, scholars, teachers, journalists, publishers, everyone can advantage from this awesome tool. Anyone can correct grammar mistakes, enhance vocabulary, check plagiarised content, correct the words, reduce the keyword stuffing. You must go with it. If you face any issue or have any query related to Grammarly feel free to comment your message, we will try to help you ASAP. 


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