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Benefits of Having a Blogger Boyfriend Which Will Make Girls Go Crazy !



2016 has been the year for entrepreneurs, and most of them are a part of the online world, and blogging is one of the ways.There are 31% more bloggers today than they were three years ago and 60% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority; (HubSpot, 2016). These are few of the statistics which will make you get an idea about how blogging has reached to the next level. Now let’s look at the funny side of all this! Bloggers will obviously have their personal life going along with their paraprofessional life. Can Bloggers find their true love? Are they the same when compared to other software or hardware guys? Or are there any additional qualities or benefits of having a blogger boyfriend ? I have the answer for all these questions! Here’s a lift of the advantages or benefits of having a blogger buddy!

Benefits of Having a Blogger Boy Friend Education Bhaskar

Why Should Girl Have a Blogger Boyfriend?

1.  They are too busy with their work to think about other girls in the world! So don’t worry, they won’t cheat you.

they won't cheat you

2. They are aware of every important event on the calendar, from valentine’s day to chocolate day to #love-your-gf-more-day


3. They are entrepreneurs; they love to stand on their own and not under some Fat-Ass!

BF are entrepreneurs

4. They don’t have fixed timings, so going out at working office hours wouldn’t be a problem.

BF dont-have-fixed-timings

5. They earn a lot! So you won’t have any worries about your future

they earn alot

6. They are talented and intelligent; you will not have to listen Bull-Shit as they know what they are talking!


7. They are very creative and innovative in their work, so you’ll have many surprises to look forward to!


8. In the case of any misunderstandings and fights, your friends will come directly into the picture, as they know how to get natural backlinks.


9. You don’t need to wear right clothes and have facials done every week; they don’t care about your materialistic looks, as far as they are sure you love them.

don’t really care about your materialistic looks

10. If you won’t find him or he goes missing, don’t worry and complaint to police, he will be in the nearest Internet cafe!


11. Blogger Boyfriend will gift you things or gift which you can show off to the world. How about the Latest iPhone 7? This is rather good compared to gifts you hide like Sexy Looking “Undies”.

Bf will-gift-you-things-or-gift

12. They have a lot of Brand Value in the Blogosphere, at some point, you’ll feel like a Celeb Gf or Wife!


13. You need not worry about the job; he will always want you to work together with him (blogging).

You need not worry about job

14. You can fight a lot with him, as they have a lot of Patience waiting for their site to rank and get traffic!

they have a lot of Patience

15.  They make sure that there won’t be any penalty on your relationship, as they are aware of all the algorithms leading to the penalty.

 They make sure that there won’t be any kind of panelty

16. They have a different kind of romantic sense, but don’t worry they are obviously very #good-at-bed!


As a blogger, your boyfriend is so successful and intelligence, so it is easy to introduce him to your friends and family. He is Self-employed and being an entrepreneur, and you also feel a sense of satisfaction and pride for the same. You can also make all the girls faint will jealousy.

Share it Bloggers ! We Rock ! 


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