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No words needed, just Tweet an Emoji to search on Google



Google is the master of creativity. The search engine has become so popular that even the meaning of Search has got transformed. The reason behind the growth and success of the company is its ultimate creativity. The company said that from now you do not also have to say any words to get results from Google. Like, a burger emoji will show you burger spots nearby; an umbrella emoji will tell you if it will rain where you are. You just need to Tweet an Emoji to search on Google.

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but an emoji is worth thousands of Google results.”

Tweet an Emoji to search on Google
Image by Google

Out of the available 1400 Unicode symbols, there are about 200 emojis that Google will respond to on Twitter, whichever the company wants users to test and also discover on their own. Just in time for the holidays, the Christmas tree emoji shows results for where the nearest festive foliage are.

The emoji search rollout includes some easter eggs too; similarly, when you tweet the ‘Cow’ emoji, Google will respond with some moooving results. Some tweets, like the burger emoji, will come with a tailored GIF attributed.

This new search form comes as Twitter continues to embrace the emoji, linking the modern hieroglyphic to certain hashtags (#) like #BlackLivesMatter and #BB8. The research found that 600,000 tweets are sent an hour having at least one emoji. The Unicode symbols help deal with Twitter’s 140 character limit but also have improved meanings of their own. Google initiated the emoji searches in May, giving users results for the symbols instead of “no results found.”

You will be required to have your location services enabled for Google’s emoji response to work on Twitter since the replies are all localized based off where you are tweeting from.

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