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iPad Pro 2 News & Updates : Release date, Specs, Price & Other Rumors



Apple is going to release the new iPad soon. This iPad is going to be the upgrade for the Apple tablet line up. Apple’s most famous devices might be the iPhones but there is a big market for the Apple tablets also.

Earlier this week Apple announced that they will release iPad Pro 2 this year. We can expect pretty great things in the new iPad 2. Although we have no confirmation about the iPad Pro, the iPad pro 2 will surely Launch in the upcoming months.

Apple has just announced the news about the launch of iPad 2. That means we don’t have any confirmation about the specifications and features of the upcoming iPad 2.

iPad Pro 2 Overview:

 iPad Pro 2 Overview : News & Updates
Name of Device iPad Pro 2
Manufacturer Apple
OS iOS 10
Release Date Second Half of 2017
Pricing 500$ to 900$ with regards to the screen size and storages
Status Not Available

Apple launched iPad Pro 12.9 in September 2015 and that was the largest iPad Apple has ever introduced. IPad Pro 12.9 features a 12.9-inch screen and it was a pretty brave move from the manufacturer. iPad pro also has the apple pencil stylus and a powerful processor.iPad Pro 2 banner

The big screen on the iPad Pro 12.9 was a successful move from Apple and we are expecting the same thing in iPad 2.

Later, iPad Pro 9.7 and iPad Air 2 were introduced which have smaller screen size than the iPad Pro 12.9 but it packs all the similar features of iPads.

So this year we are expecting top-notch features from the iPad Pro 2. There are many rumors and news flying around the internet so here is everything we know:

Release Date

iPad Pro 12.9 was launched in September so we are expecting the iPad Pro 2 later this year in September. There are other iPads like the iPad Air or iPad Mini which were launched in the different month if the year so the release of the iPad Pro 2 can be in any month of the second half of 2017.

There is another iPad which was rumored to be announced in March. It is iPad Air 2.

iPad Pro 2 Specifications- What’s New:

1 Design It might be slimmer and lighter than the original iPad Pro. It might also have a slate design with waterproof feature. There is a rumor that there will be no headphone jack in iPad Pro 2.
2 Screen Just like the iPad Pro 9.7 and iPad Air 2, iPad Pro 2 will sport a true tone display. There might be different variants of iPad Screen size to be exact there might be three screen size options. The resolution in three of the iPad Pro 2 will be same, that is 2224 × 1668.’

There might be a fingerprint scanner implemented on the screen.

3 Camera & Battery The camera should be at least 12 MP on the rare and 5 MP on the front because that is what we got in iPad Pro 9.7.

We don’t have any news about the battery size yet but we can expect the battery life on Pro 2 to be pretty good.

4 iOS version and Processor It will most probably run on iOS 10.

The processor might be the powerful A10X processor with 4GB of Ram.


Pricing & Availability:

iPad Pro 2 will cost from 500$ to 900$ with regards to the screen size and storages.

So there you have it according to the rumors, the iPad Pro 2 is pretty solid.

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