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iPhone 7S: All you need to know about the upcoming beast



Apple has stunned the whole technological world when they released the iPhone 7 in September, last year, during the WWDC event. With the inclusion of the Lightning Port, a dual-camera setup and the waterproof display, the flagship has got massive accolades from both the pundits and the fans. Now the Apple lovers are hankering for the next iteration of this coveted smartphone lineup to be released. It is sure that after the massive success of the iPhone 7, the Cupertino-based tech giant will undoubtedly launch a new version of the smartphone this year. So what will be that handset called? Will it be tagged as the iPhone 7S or will it be the iPhone 8? Well, if we believe the on-going rumors, the next iteration of the iPhone is going to be termed as the iPhone 7S. So in this article, we have discussed on the probable iPhone the 7S price, release date, features and the key specs.

iPhone 7S Specifications: Features, iOS, Price and Release Date

Apple iPhone 7S and 7 Plus 
Release Date September 2017
Expected Cost From around $649 to around $799
 New features Wireless charging,  the edge-to-edge screen with integrated Home button, augmented reality features.
 Variants  iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus 
  • Release Date: Apple has always rolled out an intermediary S version of their iPhones, not just for the sake upgrades and generating revenues, but to serve a major purpose. These intermediary S versions are the platform where the US-based tech conglomerate tests the future technologies, before incorporating it on a whole new iteration.  Last year, Apple unveiled the much anticipated iPhone 7 in an event which took place in September. As Apple loves to follow a particular pattern regarding the release date of their devices, we can expect that the iPhone 7S will also be released in the same timeframe this year. So we can expect that the iPhone 7S will be unveiled in September 2017.
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  • Specifications: The next iPhone is supposed to come in two variants, a regular iPhone 7S with 4.7-inch display size and the other one with a bigger screen size of 5.8-inch, the iPhone 7S Plus. Moreover, Apple is thinking to incorporate the AMOLED screen for the first time in their smartphones. The introduction of the AMOLED will ensure a substantial hike in the resolution of the handset. Not only that, although the 7S is believed to come with an all-glass body, the US-based tech giant is planning to use the Zirconia Ceramic as the body material, instead. This material has already been utilized in the Apple Watch 2, and it will ensure that the device will get a sturdy, scratch resistant yet lightweight body. On the camera front, Apple has incorporated massive changes in iPhone 7 and introduced the dual-camera setup. So the same camera setup will be retained in the iPhone 7S too and is expected to sport dual 16-megapixel cameras at the rear end of the phone. Under the hood, both the iPhone 7S and the iPhone 7S Plus is supposed to boast 3GB RAM and an internal storage space of 256GB. The upcoming handset will run on iOS 11, which is due to release in June and will be powered by 2,150mAh battery.
  • Price: The price of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is $649 and $769 respectively, and we think the 7S will cost more than that. The basic model of the iPhone 7S is expected to priced at $699 and the larger version; the iPhone 7S Plus may come with a price tag of $799.

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