Friday, April 28, 2017

List of Fake Universities in India 2017 declared by UGC

List of Fake Universities in India 2017 declared by UGC| Updated names of Unrecognized Universities list,  State-wise list,| Technical Institutes & colleges unapproved by AICTE. What is Fake...

What is Hyperbola? Hyperbola in Nature & Real Life, Facts !

The word hyperbola is a Greek word that means excessive. It is a group of all those points, the difference of whose distances from two...
Crack IIT JEE Main without Coaching

How to Prepare for IIT JEE Mains without Coaching – Toppers advice

Who does not want to study in one of the Top Engineering Colleges in India? But, in the mid of the way to a...
army day special

Inspirational Indian Army Quotes that will awaken your conscience

Indian Army, counted in 3rd largest force in the world and its soldiers are considered best in high altitude battles. No matter what the weather...

Wake up Call – Dear Girls Accidents won’t spare the feminists

There is the common question we often hear - why women do not want to wear a helmet? The question can rage a big...
Crack HSSC Exam Without Joining A Coaching Institute -Preparation Tips

How To Crack HSSC Exam Without Joining a Coaching Institute – Preparation Tips

How To prepare for HSSC Exam Without Joining A Coaching Institute - SSC Preparation Tips for HSSC Written Exam Syllabus and Pattern | Complete...

10 Veteran Actor Om Puri Quotes That Inspired Us For Life

Born on 18 October 1950, Veteran Bollywood actor Om Puri died on 6 January 2017 died of a heart attack at his Mumbai residence. He was 66 years....
How to avoid bad company during college life education bhaskar-optimized

Avoid Bad Company During College Life- Tips to Avoid the Pitfalls

Are you fed up of bad company during college life or any other problems and trouble now and then, because you hang out with...
Helicopter Parent and Over-parenting

The Risk of being Helicopter Parent and Over-parenting ? Definition and Signs

It is one thing to be a supportive, concerned and nurturing guardian; however, various adverse outcomes can come about when folks apply a lot...
Benefits of Having a Blogger Boy Friend Education Bhaskar

Benefits of Having a Blogger Boyfriend Which Will Make Girls Go Crazy !

2016 has been the year for entrepreneurs, and most of them are a part of the online world, and blogging is one of the...

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