Wednesday, April 26, 2017
Women personal safety tips girl safety tips

Tips that Women Can Take for Personal Safety – Girl’s Awareness Guide

An age old myth has never let women fly free - men are protectors and females are protectees. But what happens when this so...

10 Veteran Actor Om Puri Quotes That Inspired Us For Life

Born on 18 October 1950, Veteran Bollywood actor Om Puri died on 6 January 2017 died of a heart attack at his Mumbai residence. He was 66 years....
How to avoid bad company during college life education bhaskar-optimized

Avoid Bad Company During College Life- Tips to Avoid the Pitfalls

Are you fed up of bad company during college life or any other problems and trouble now and then, because you hang out with...
Best Time Management Tips for Successful Career and life

15 Best Time Management Tips for Successful Career and Life

Effective time control is a set of concepts, methods, abilities, resources, and systems working together to help you get more value out of your...
Helicopter Parent and Over-parenting

The Risk of being Helicopter Parent and Over-parenting ? Definition and Signs

It is one thing to be a supportive, concerned and nurturing guardian; however, various adverse outcomes can come about when folks apply a lot...
help your poor classmates

How can you help your poor classmate?

It is a cruel fact of life. The world is divided into the `Haves’ and the `Have nots’. Meaning in this world there are...
Laws of life

Laws of life – Keep Smiling Every Time and Talk Less, Listen More

Laughing, they say is the best medicine. But smiling too is no less effective. Have you ever tried this formula? One of the Laws...

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