Rahul Gandhi, Congress Vice-President’s verified Twitter account was hacked on Wednesday evening, with a set of offensive and bad words hurled at the family being tweeted. He has the Twitter handle with over 1.2 million followers. His profile picture was removed and the Twitter handle name was also changed from @OfficeOfRG to an offensive one. The twitter handle has recovered back to “Office of RG” about 9:10 pm, but the hacker revert it back to “Office of Retard Gan”.

Most of the tweets posted had offensive content about Gandhi family including Congress party.

The time was 8.30 pm, a series of 8 offensive tweets was started. What hackers tweeted from Rahul’s account? Have a look:

Rahul Gandhi's twitter account hacked tweets

Here are more tweets from Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter Account Hacked

Rahul Gandhi's twitter account hacked tweets 1

The Chief Spokesperson of Congress, Randeep Surjewala said that a complaint will be filed with the Cyber Crime Cell. He tweeted:

Priyanka Chaturvedi, Congress spokesperson accused BJP for the hacking. She tweeted, “BJP hacks keep setting a new low every single day. Yet another way to display their immense frustration and inability to debate on issues. Shameful”.

The account was recovered within few minutes and all these offensive and abuse tweets were deleted. But, again the account was hacked and tweeted abuse tweet:

Rahul Gandhi's hacked tweets

Rahul Gandhi's hacked tweets2

See How Tweet Reacted:

Digital safety is really needed in India, don’t you think so? Was it a political game?


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