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The Risk of being Helicopter Parent and Over-parenting ? Definition and Signs



It is one thing to be a supportive, concerned and nurturing guardian; however, various adverse outcomes can come about when folks apply a lot of control over their kids’ lives. Most folks do their best in guiding their children, keeping in mind the end goal to help their youngster experiences their potential. In any case, there is a breaking point to the amount of control is required, particularly if folks wish to encourage freedom and autonomy. Understanding the negative impacts by being helicopter  parent connected with over-parenting, over-protective or over-control practices may help folks to assess their part and modify activities as needs are.

Helicopter Parent and Over-parenting

Who is Helicopter Parent and what is Overparenting ?

The word “helicopter parent” was first applied in Dr. Haim Ginott’s 1969 book “Between Parents & Teenagers” by teens who spoke their parents would hover over them like a helicopter. This term became more famous when it was added to a dictionary in 2011.

A Ph.D., a licensed psychologist and author of Even June Cleaver Would Forget the Juice BoxAnn Dunnewold termed it “overparenting.” Dr. Dunnewold described that being involved in a child’s life in a way that is overcontrolling, overprotecting, moreover over perfecting, in a way that is more than responsible parenting.

A few folks simply don’t know when it’s the last straw, and they end up turning out to be over protective and excessively involved in their kids’ lives. While the folks have the absolute best of intentions, it can result in causing just as many issues.

Over-parenting happens when parents tackle kids’ issues as opposed to allowing them to overcome problems themselves. It happens when parents permit children to maintain a strategic distance from tricky and challenging situations so that they won’t be troubled. It additionally occurs when an excessive amount of control or a lot of rules are forced on kids. Overparenting is transcendently a mentality. It is a conviction that kids can’t overcome troubles themselves and they can’t adapt to inconvenience or dissatisfaction.

An overparented kid is a spoiled kid. They show the lack of confidence and won’t go out on a limb. An overprotected kid stays away from new circumstances and hopes to take cover behind his guardians when troubles or difficulties emerge. Hence, if a youngster is so dependent on parents that they think they can’t adapt without their parents, then the time has come to make some move.

Slowly and steadily parents need to draw back on the over-help that they give their youngsters. They can begin by demanding youngsters walk to their school on their own (if this is sensible from the wellbeing point of view), let them wake up by themselves every morning, etc. It’s hard to get the right balance between developing individuality and not putting an excess of obligation on kids. Compelling parenting is about balancing between the heart and the head.


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