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Top 10 Agile Tips to Become a Successful Scrum Master- Expert Agile Tips


Most of the new Scrum Masters own a basic understanding of their new role since they usually tend to go through their training sessions and might have also received their Certified Scrum Master designation. With each day, the individual may have to facilitate the daily stand ups and for the first time Scrum Master, it is quite normal to have got a lot of concerns. Certainly, your challenges and questions will resolve all your issues and the improvement could be tracked thereafter.

 top 10 agile tips to become scrummaster

Definitely, certification is a must to help one get acquainted with the things in a greater way. CSM certification is essential for an applicant to fill in the role of Scrum Master or to apply as a Scrum team member. This certification will help an individual to gain a thorough understanding of the Scrum framework including team activities and roles. This designation is basically provided by the Scrum Alliance to all the practitioners who have completed a CSM course and is capable of offering demonstrations to convey their understanding and knowledge through the CSM test.

Here are some of the Agile tips compiled together that may help you in becoming a Scrum Master:

  1. Remove impediments

This is the first job that you need to do. Being a Scrum Master, it should be your responsibility to make sure that whatever you are doing is ultimately making things easier for your entire team. You need to remove all their difficulties and ensure that you are able to attend to their needs. You need to respond to developing issues on the sprint in a better way and the part of the Agile team would be solved that way.

  1. Protect the team as well as support the Product Owner

Being a Scrum Master, it is your responsibility to protect the team from all kinds of possible command and control tendencies. Also, you know that the product owner is the only individual to prioritize the backlog and thus, you need to support the product owner to make sure that the team is going along the right track to prevent any sort of interference.

  1. Track the progress

Give solid metrics and discuss it with the team. It is your liability to create the Sprint Burn Down chart on a regular basis for it was you who have been removing the impediments from the team to enhance the scope of work.

  1. Follow prioritization

Form a cross-functional team to access the Sprint Backlog and try to develop the skill set so that you along with your team can handle the stories. You must not shy away from the harder cards or cram at the end, rather follow your team plan before the Sprint.

  1. Conduct daily meetings

The Scrum framework is all bothered about tracing the success of the project; hence it is quite important to make reports based on which discussions should take place about the stories and progress achieved out of them.

  1. Instil ownership

Don’t believe in making things complex, rather you can choose to guide your team by using simple tools and using such simplified processes, you can surely succeed in producing high-quality work. Ensure that the work is always optimized and simpler methods would certainly help you in fetching the goal.

  1. Remember to inspect and adapt

In order to track the Sprint progress, you must be very certain regarding the empirical data. Conduct daily meetings to track the Sprint Retrospective and that would bring improvement in your job along the prospects of including positive actions.

  1. Communicate benefits

Of course, the loss of control is a scary thing to endure. Make sure that the team members are able to produce a working application anytime, even while they are in the middle of some project.

  1. Maintain a self-organisation within the team members

Sprint through the stories and do not miss out to show your standards that you have set for the project to your team members.

  1. Mark your role as a Scrum Master

Make sure that you and your team is able to meet the demands of the evolving issues as well as adhere to their respective roles, both at the same time. Stick to your roles and progress could be seen eventually.

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