iZombie 3: Fans to Witness Chase Grave in Season 3

The news of the Vivian Stoll’s reappearance in iZombie 3 has already poured in some anticipations. Are you ready to watch a chase grave?


American television series are coming up in vast, some are going to deliver their very first season, while some are getting renewed for their next installment. People thought that the makers of iZombie are going to make its next installment the last and the finals one, due to which several questions started pouring as the viewers just could not take the fact. But the executive producer of the show had put all the rumors to rest because he officially announced that iZombie 3 is not going to be the last and final one in the franchise and the viewers would surely turn out to be lucky enough to witness more installments of the series. The makers of the show renewed iZombie for a third season and it is going to come up with 13 brand new episodes. The viewers do not have to sulk and wait for too long in order to watch iZombie 3 on the television screens as the third installment of the intriguing series is going to make its grand premiere on The CW on April 4.

Due to which the fans are now anxiously awaited for the air date for iZombie 3. The third season in the franchise is surely going to give the answers to all those questions which remained unresolved due to which iZombie 3 got over with a cliffhanger.

iZombie 3 Spoilers: All you need to know about season 3

There are many rumors about the 3rd season of iZombie which is at rife and one the most discussed about speculation is the appearance of Vivian Stoll’s relative Chase Grave. The news of the character’s reappearance has already poured in some more anticipations and speculations but we can only be sure of it once the third installment of iZombie franchise hits The CW. There might be another reappearance of a character and it would be none other than Drake who was also once turned into a zombie because of Liv. Therefore, iZombie Season 3 is going to be more nail-biting and intriguing.

iZombie 3 Spoilers, izoombie season 3 episode download wallpaper

That’s not all because there is more to the plot line of the third season of iZombie, and this time there is going to be an addition of some hilarity as well. Because it has been said in quite a lot of reports that Liv is going to swallow and eat the brain of a dominatrix, and as well all know that whenever Liv has eaten a dead person’s brain she has turned out to be just like that person for sometime. And you can already figure out what is going to take place if Liv has to eat the brain of the dominatrix if she need to find out the reason behind the person’s death.

iZombie 3 Spoilers, izombie season 3 episode download wallpaper

iZombie Season 2 got over on April 12, 2016 with its last episode titled Salivation Army. And since then the fans have been getting more and more impatient to watch the third season.

And now that so many things have been revealed regarding the upcoming season, it seems that iZombie 3 surely has a lot to tell when it airs.

iZombie Season 3 Cast: iZombie Season 3 Cast: The announcement of iZombie’s season 3 premier date was followed with a cast photo portraying the show’s main characters, including Rose McIver, Aly Michalka, Rahul Kohli, Malcom Goodwin, and David Anders.

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