Grand Theft Auto, or GTA, as it is more commonly known over the world, is a capital offense in many countries and is certainly so in the USA, the one country which has contributed a lot to make this acronym famous. The GTA 7 game is one f a long-running series f games based on this reference, a franchise which is worth a lot of millions of dollars in revenues, sales, and profits. While there are many car racing games in the open market which are as good as the GTA series, it remains t be seen if there is as good a franchise as this one. The GTA game series first originated in the early 200os and it is still enormously popular among its legions of followers and enthusiasts. So popular is the game that a fairly large number of people have been involved in the construction of the Reddit fan page on this topic as well. Truly, it might be said that the new GTA 7 is the one game which is capable of bridging the gap between the casual and the insane gaming enthusiast as well.

GTA 7 release date and other updates

There are a slew of features which would, perhaps, hold water if we were to suggest them to the game’s developers and enthusiasts. The first and foremost feature of the new game would be to enable the throng of VR gear to assess it. I mean, let’s face it: the future of gaming is the VR realm. This realm is broad and vaster then we can even imagine in our wildest dreams. This very fact poses both of a risk as well as an opportunity to the users. If the developers can incorporate the extent of modern VR technology into the game, it would make for an even better prospect in hindsight as well. Trust us when we say this, for as big a franchise as the GTA franchise is, it still has enormous room for improvement as well. The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement, after all.

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Next, the game must be taken t the Cloud. Although the game is already on Cloud 9, it is important to retain the momentum here and the cloud is the future of al things digital as well. It is of the utmost importance that the cloud-based gaming era is ushered in the GTA franchise with the GTA 7 game as well. After all, it isn’t every day that we see such humongous ambitions being flared and such high standards being raised. Also, the cloud is free of space constraints as well. Truly, we have been to the mecca of high gaming and we have seen the extent to which the new GTA 7 game is important as well that the franchise may yet be infused with a new lease on life if nd only if the new game succeeds at the world stage.

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Finally, we must say that the new game has to be priced right in order to be sold widely and more voluminously than before.


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