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Top 10 Courses after 12th Science, Arts and Commerce for Better Career


In order to get an occupation or employment in a professional manner, the students prefer some of the courses after completing the 12th standard. As we know that the higher secondary education leads the students to the bright future with respect to their scores. Every student has some desired qualification and ambition to reach the destination what they want to be. We can have a sound which beat our ear like unemployment is ruling a better place even we are pursuing a better course. Not like that.Career Courses after 12th in Science, Commerce and arts

Everybody has a question like what is the right path for a perfect career and to proceed? Currently, if the people are choosing one courses, the respective course may lag in its stage in the forthcoming days. So, our courses after 12th should be a professional one to have. The consideration and selection towards the course will lead to the efficient future to the particular student.

Let’s have a simple explanation about some of the top most familiar courses after 12th in India.

1. Information Technology:

This course is similar to the engineering and there will be so many innovate and inventive techniques are educated to the student by the corresponding institution. As per the technology development, most of the people are looking for the new and advanced things and terms to have. In the current world, this is interesting to create different advertisements and web pages to update the information. The information technology related courses will be very much supportive to enhance ourself. At the same time, there are s many IT companies are available to provide a job opportunity to the skilled people for this field. The education cost will range from Rs.4 lakhs to 1 million with respect to the selected college and field.

2. Architecture Courses:

Designing and implementing the particular plan is an interesting one in the current scenario. The bachelor of architecture is five years course and the fee ranges from Rs. 2 lakhs to 5 lakhs. Most of the civil engineering candidates are continuing this professing to provide a better performance towards the figure management for the particular project.

3. Engineering Courses:

In the current scenario, the most of the students prefer the engineering course or initial stage of engineering (Polytechnic). In fact, in the engineering courses, while comparing with the theoretical knowledge, the student can gain more practical knowledge towards the specific stream. There are different departments are available in the engineering which is provided and controlled by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). With respect to the college, department and secured mark of the student, the education fee will be demanded. Usually, the engineering course after 12th Science will be provided for four years and it is common for all departments.

4. Medical Courses:

Medicine is one of the traditional and respectable courses from the ancient days. There are different professions are distributed related to the food and nutrition, bio-technology, bio-informatics, Allopathy, homeopathy, dental medicine, and physiotherapy etc.           these are all the under graduation with minimum of five years. After completion of this course, the student can get ready to have their master degree in respective discipline. Medicine related courses are demanding the education fee similar to the Engineering and everything is depending on the college and courses.

5. Nursing Courses:

The service of nursing is for being an assistant to the doctorate person while providing treatment for the particular disease. This course is classified with the general nursing service, paramedical service and for medical counseling too. Every year nearly 20,000 people are coming out for the nursing service and the educational fee will be Rs.1 lakh to 3 lakhs. This is a three years course and the student may pursue their nursing course in India through diploma course too.

6. Pharmacy Courses:

Distributing the medicines, as per the prescription which is provided by the doctor is a work in Pharmacy. This is the most respected profession where the employee should not divert their concentration while distributing medicine for a particular issue. Especially, this course is mainly focusing on the healthcare facility to the patient. For the bachelor degree of pharmacy course, the education fee will be Rs.1 lakh to 2 lakhs. After completion of this course, the graduated candidate can become distributors or retailers of the medical products.

7. Law Courses:

Rules and regulations are the important ones what the people have to follow in the current generation. For that, the people should have a complete knowledge towards the law of the respective government. The educated person will direct the other people in a perfect way to avoid the mistakes which are happening, unfortunately. Mostly the government colleges are available in India to study about the Law profession.

This law course will indicate the person as a professional one and will place the people in a brave and courageous manner towards the perfection. The Law graduate will know that, what the people can do and what should not do like this. The Bachelor of Arts and Legum baccalaureus (LLB) is five years course for what the person is spending Rs. 1 lakh to 3 lakhs for their course completion.

8. Journalism Courses:

An instant updation of the information is a special thing in what the people are very eager to know. For this profession, the candidate should complete the bachelor degree in communication or journalism or in the mass communication sector. Typically the course cost will be Rs 3 lakhs for the three years. The positive things what we can gain from this profession is that the person can observe complete information about the current affairs and all.

9. Pilot Courses:

Some people are interested to travel in airline service and let’s imagine that those people have an opportunity to direct the airline service. The Indian Air Force is commercially providing this professional course to the interested candidates. India is requiring nearly 8,000 commercial pilots per year and the course cost will be comparatively high than other courses. The candidate should have an attitude to maintain patience and other professional characteristics.

10. Charted account Courses:

This is three to five years course with respect to the student’s ability and the course cost is very low than other services estimated as Rs.50, 000 only. This is somewhat highly competitive one in which only three per cent of students are completing and clearing the exams. The exams will be conducted with the help of the Institute of Charted accounts of India. The scope of this profession is spread around the world in different fields.

Other considerationstions

If the candidate can’t able to join with their desired course, due to the fee about, they can move towards the counselling process, in this, the Government will facilitate some offers to the respective candidate who have secured the cut-off mark. Short term courses are also available to make a basement for a desired profession. To have certain professional course, the student should attend and clear the entrance exam which is conducted by the Government. The person can select the course which apt to them and make that as a profession.

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