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How to Write a Thesis Paper or Project Report


Every once in awhile, as a student, employee, and researcher we are required to write a report. Reports are critical in that; they tend to explain an account or summarize a phenomenon. A report is a written account of an event one has observed, investigated, done and is a consideration by an appointed person or body. In our academic world, we tend to confuse an essay and report. The two words are used interchangeably, but an essay mainly presents reason, arguments, while on the other hand, a report focuses on facts and presents them in a structured manner for the comprehension of the audience. How to Write a Thesis Paper or Project Report

Report and essay writing are essential for institutions, universities, academics, businesses, research, and professional purposes. A report aims at explaining facts, stating problems and giving recommendations to solve the problem. A report serves to explore a question and give a researched, well-thought strategy and recommendation to the analyzed problem.

How to Write a Thesis Paper or Project Report

Report elements

Reports have the following elements:

  • A description of the events that were carried out during the research.
  • Findings of the research.
  • Evaluation of the findings.
  • The body of the research.
  • The conclusion and recommendations of the analyzed problem. The elements above are not all necessarily found in a report, but most exist there.

Outline writing

All reports require a report writing guide to assist in report writing. It’s a report writing help that has the ground rules for report writing. The report outline provides the format and is a map.

Below is an example of the report draft outline. A report outlining is important as it makes reading it easier.

Effects of globalization


Over the years, globalization has taken course and led to nations having to make ties with other countries all over the world. Globalization is the process of integration, and making the world a smaller place by installing structures and parameters that bring uniformity to all nations with similar objectives and goals. An introduction of a report is essential as it grasps the attention of the audience.

Thesis statement

Globalization has made the world a better place by;

  • Improving communication.
  • Improving trade by removing trade barriers and creating partnerships between different countries in the world.
  • Globalization has also led to the independence of individual nations in the world, for example, Austria.


From this research, we can conclude that globalization is the way to go. By creating bodies such as the United Nations, disasters in the world have been managed. They have also come up with international policies to solve the problems the world is facing and hasten development.

Write a Thesis (Thesis Writing)

 When writing a thesis in a report, you should clearly state your stand if, for example, it’s a report on whether euthanasia should be carried out or not. A thesis statement should be as follows, and Euthanasia is a medical procedure that seeks to relieve people from pain and saves individuals, families from financial strain. The process is essential to terminally ill people as research shows that.

 Structure of a report

A report is made of an executive summary or abstract, introduction, body, conclusion, and recommendation. The structure of a report is essential as it saves time when looking for information on the report. A report structure is necessary as it makes interpretation of information accessible.

Executive summary

This is the first part of a report. It provides a summary of the whole report. It has a lot of information, and it should be easy to understand. It is a part read by the audience to give an overview of the report.


It introduces the problem to the public. It provides an insight of what the report is about and why the report is critical. The report introduction is essential as it shows why the report is critical and the affected individuals.


The weight of the report is here. It aims at enlightening the audience and giving them the facts found during the research. It is the most important part as you get to persuade your audience in believing you. You get to defend the report and get the audience`s support. The body also shows that you carried out extensive research and your findings are credible. Emotions should be noted here and facts should be well presented.


This is the final part of the report and it should be obtained from your findings. It should be short and straight forward. The conclusion should seek to explain your results. If you have any suggestions on solving the analyzed problems, it should be stated here or in a different recommendation segment depending on the report format.

Finalizing a report

This is where you get to check the report. The format should be right in punctuation and spelling and should be on the specifications of the audience. A report should be your work and plagiarism should not be tolerated. If satisfied, read the report to the audience. It should be read if only it is easy to understand and in a language that is understandable to the audience.

Tips for excellent report writing

  • When writing a good report, you should be able to comprehend the topic and depict it in an easy way to the audience.
  • The topic should also be easy to understand, and information should be easy to find. Research is necessary as you present facts.
  • Research should be done extensively and widely. It is also recommended to know how to write a report for other purposes. This can be done through practice, as practice makes perfect. Good topics for a report also make it easier writing a good report.
  • As a writer, you should also be familiar with report writing hooks as they can grasp the audience’s interest. Be ready to explore as you join report writing.


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