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How Schools Can Protect Children From Common Hazards – School Safety



As the saying goes, you can never really completely ‘child-proof’ a home or school. You can, however, take necessary measures to dramatically reduce the risk of child injuries by making a few changes at home or school. Since emergency medical treatment for young children isn’t always the same as for adults, it can be quite a problem if a child experiences an injury, especially due to falls.

How Schools Can Protect Children From Common Hazards - School Safety

In fact, falling is the most common cause of injury in children. The damage from the injury depends on the height the child falls from and what surface the child falls onto. To minimize fall injuries, a school must actively look for environmental hazards. Here are some safety suggestions for schools and parents to protect children from slip and fall injuries.

Find and Remove Any Tripping Hazards

Make sure to clear the play area of the children by removing any tripping hazards from floors. This can including moving electrical cords, toys, and even rugs that may cause a child to slip and fall.

Never Leave Children Unsupervised

Young children, whether in their teens or pre-teens tend to get hyper when around other children. To protect them from the hazards of falling, it is always a good idea to attend children when they are playing. Never leave children unsupervised no matter how clear the area is. 

As a parent, you should always inquire about the school life of your children. This will also help you prevent them from getting into bad company

Keep the Floors Dry

Children can easily slip and fall if the floor is wet. If the school floor has just been cleaned with a mop, make sure to prevent any children from playing on it until it gets completely dried up. Most falls in schools occur due to wet floors. Children tend to ignore warning signs or have not enough understanding of how warning signs work. It is up to adults to supervise them.

Children Should Wear Slip-Proof Shoes

If the floor of the school is the slippery kind, it is always a good idea to have children wear slip-proof shoes. These shoes are designed with soles that protect children from slipping and has excellent grip on naked floors. Parents should ensure that their children are always wearing these kinds of shoes if they suspect a floor is slippery.

What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

If you believe you fell at school due to the negligence of school staff, you probably are thinking ‘I slipped at school can I sue?’ To give you a short and precise answer, yes you can. However, you will need to prove that it was indeed the negligence of school that caused the fall accident.

This is very important if you intend to win a premises liability lawsuit – a lawsuit that is usually filed if you or your child got hurt due to slip and fall accident at a school. Depending on whether the school is privately owned, or government-run, you will have to gather evidence. A talented lawyer should be able to help you out with such cases. 


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