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Why Do We Have to Compose Term Paper Assignments and Pass Exams?



Every year a great number of students have to pass exams and cope with various academic assignments to enter a college or the university. They try hard but can’t understand the purpose of all that stuff. It would be so much easier to choose one way of student’s knowledge testing.

Why Do We Have to Compose Term Paper Assignments and Pass Exams?

Exit examinations are a perfect tool according to one half of graduating students and waste of time for the other half. Speaking about academic assignments, one can hardly find a student who loves writing them and a college instructor who likes checking and grading all that mass according to online American magazine Slate dot com’s research. So, what’s that all for? Why do students have to pass exams and compose term paper assignments?

High School Exit Exams: Pros and Cons


  • Getting ready for exams a student works harder to fill knowledge gaps or just improve knowledge.
  • When students cope with exit exams, they get ready to college tests and it’ll be easier to withstand difficult situations and their high pressure
  • College supervisors and employers will see exam scores of students
  •  As a rule, high schools include exams in Mathematics, Reading, and Writing, so that students will be ready to participate in equal competitions when entering a college
  • Those who study goodwill surely pass exams


  • Students often complain that school exams  are based on the knowledge that they cannot use in real life
  • Successful passing of exit exams doesn’t guarantee that a student is really ready for college
  • Most exams are merely tests which are not adequate enough to grade student’s knowledge
  • Students pass exams being mentally and physically exhausted and that often leads to inattentiveness and mistakes

Why Do Students Fail Passing Exams?

Sometimes students can’t cope with exams because of a number of reasons. The Guardian gives 10 reasons which lead to students’ failure:

  1. Panic and task postponing

Very often students feel terrified of hearing the word “exams”. Panic usually prevents them from success. One more reason is that students start preparing for exams too late. As a result, they lack time to repeat or learn everything they require.

  1. Inability to analyze

When giving answers, students often repeat the already known facts without analyzing them. If students are not able to analyze, they can fail.

  1. No planning

That’s a bad idea to start doing tests on the spot. It’s better to look through the whole paper and identify easy and difficult questions to know how to allocate the time.

  1. Quantity instead of quality

When the paper requires a certain number of words, students start counting them instead of paying attention to the quality of writing.

  1. Poor preparation

It often happens that students read a lot about the subject but miss the key points because of lack of time.

  1. Using material given only in classes or on lectures

Students often limit themselves to learning the information given at classes and lectures. Teachers are supposed to give only basic notions. Students should broaden their scope and learn additional information on their own.

  1. Too general answers

Specific and concrete answers are more beneficial than general ones.

  1. Negligence

Students often prefer looking through the data instead of proper learning and, as a result, confusing dates, names, and events.

  1. Grammar and lexical mistakes

When students lack grammar knowledge and possess poor vocabulary, their papers certainly lose points.

  1. Neglecting question reading

Some students when being in a hurry look for keywords in questions and answer them automatically. The problem is that the question may concern quite the opposite meaning or just aims to make a student read between the lines.

So, good preparation leads to excellent marks and avoiding these 10 mistakes any student can succeed.

Writing Research Papers: A Burden or a Benefit?

A great number of universities require both exit exams passing and research paper writing. Why? Academic writing skill can help get diplomas those who get low exam marks. 11.5% of students in New Jersey got their diplomas due to a portfolio of works accomplished during studies. Seniors were not able to pass exams successfully but managed to perform excellent academic papers.

The National Center for Fair and Open Testing states that high school exam scores have no influence on employer’s preferences and wages. Research papers are considered to be a better option for student’s knowledge grading. Why? To write a high-quality academic paper a student should be ready to:

  • analyze various situations
  • give arguments and support them with verified facts
  • find solutions for difficult problems
  • conclude properly
  • do thorough research
  • show creativity and individual style

In addition, academic writing requires good skills in the study, the ability to do the task before the deadline, knowledge on writing requirements, and persistence.

Exit Exams and College Papers: Why both are Important

Tests at high schools specialize in revealing basic knowledge mostly in writing, reading, and mathematics. They are not valid in case a college instructor wants to find out whether a student is self-disciplined and has proper researching abilities in combination with the ability to present analyzed data the way it must be. In other words, exams check knowledge and academic assignments prepare students for various challenges.

If students cannot cope with academic papers, they usually turn to custom term paper writing services e.g. AdvancedWriters with ENL experts. Professional writers have experience in writing A+ works. They succeed because they love writing and have chosen 2in1 career of a writer and researcher. They are always alert and ready to perform even the most difficult tasks.


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